Hinduism and America – How Hindu Dharma is Transforming the West

by Jai Bansal
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Prof. Subhash Kak: “A beautifully produced book that presents the many aspects of the Indian American experience in America and contributions of Indians to American Life”

Prof. Ved Nanda: “The authors vividly capture the 250-year long progression of Hindu thought in America, all unplanned and un-orchestrated. They admirably perform this Herculean task and accomplish their goal of introducing to the reader the tenets of Hindu tradition and the main actors and salient events that have left such an indelible imprint and lasting impact on America. The story they tell is intriguing, enchanting, and indeed profound, and the tapestry they weave is rich in its splendor. This book should adorn every Hindu American’s coffee table”

This book captures the sense and sequence of how Hindu Ideas landed in America, and how they were received, processed, adopted, adapted, and absorbed into everyday American life. It is as much a story of the dissemination of these ideas as it is of the legions of swamis and gurus who brought them here. Further, it is also a story of the trials and tribulations of the ordinary Hindus who migrated here in search of better of lives for themselves. As they slowly integrated themselves into the professional and social fabric of their adopted land, they imparted their own special textures and colors to it, thereby transforming it in ways unimagined!

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Author Jai Bansal
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